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It is not clear whether he is viewing this solitary state as positive or negative. Each of these poems shares the common theme of exploring the nature of the human soul. What I wonder is where Whitman imagines the soul travels to once it flings out a web that sticks to something.

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The poem then becomes a labyrinthine quest for the unknown answer. Although there are parallel themes such as spiritualism and exploration, it is the sense of solitude that Whitman harps on. Regardless of why, spiders are an interesting topic. Both the spider and the addressee of the poem are portrayed as solitary figures amidst a stark and spacious backdrop.

However, it is unusual to describe an iron anchor as ductile. It is on this promontory that all three, the spider, the poet or his soul and the poem itself, are grounded. Alliteration is the use of series of words in a sentence beginning with the same consonant or sound to produce a sense of rhythm.

The imagery of the vast nothingness around them is perhaps used by Whitman deliberately to produce a sense of deep isolation. And all his musings, venturing and throwing are attempts towards achieving that end. What is interesting to note is the double metaphor used in the poem. What is unique to this poem is its overlapping levels and literary devices. The idea that is central to this poem is the vastness of life and at the same its brevity.

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Each line calls to mind a specific image, even without using specific terms. It can withhold extreme duress. This emphasizes isolation as the predominant theme in the poem.

The vast space of life and its immensity is compared to the seeming endlessness of oceans. You can go through the detailed summary of the poem here. Whitman constantly sways between the different levels as he grapples with his own spiritual queries.

For the readers, the poem becomes a moving lyric that depicts a spiritual crisis. The concentrated theme of the poem is isolation.

It is inspirational even while it induces pathos. And an anchor is universally known for its grounding ability. Both the words indicate the strength and tenacity to stand pressure. The spider web becomes the metaphor for the entire poem as well. The soul seeks the meaning of life.

The poem is written in free verse. Both ideas are juxtaposed together to emphasize this aspect of a secure holding. In conclusion, it is a lyric poem with a potent imagery. The poem is constructed as a web.