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The interface in our dating software looks like Yahoo Mail's or Gmail's. The one who creates the group is automatically the group administrator, he is able to delete posts and so on. All languages are supported.

Convenient browsing interface for profiles It is very easy for members to find love here. New Forum The forum has also been rewritten from the scratch.

All the messages are kept in the database of our personals script. For instance, a member will not be able to send messages until he pays. It is a very usual and necessary feature in the modern dating and community world.

New Forum The forum has

Powerful Photo Gallery Users can create their albums and galleries. Only several files related to the license are encoded. Geo Social Networking Sometimes a user may want to show where he is now. If you want to add new pics or backgrounds you can just upload them into the specific directory on the server. Each photo will have a watermark i.

Convenient browsing interface for profiles It

One can just use the palette tool. It does not interfere with script modification.

This is how MySpace model works. The album featured the songs scrapped from Possessed, two on each version of the album. Chameleon has an easy-to-use installation interface. Profile Color Changer Now changing the background color is easy. We have had a lot a of letters asking to add things to the admin panel, that's why we decided to rewrite it completely.