Victor Mancha of Runaways

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Hanachan in the final season

However, since humans had been living underground for generations, without a sun or anything, they probably couldn't tell time as accurately, so who knows. The wind gauge indicated the jump was wind-aided, so it could not be considered a record, but it would still count in the competition. Pinoko of Black Jack depends on how you count it.

Kyon's sister's friend Miyoko is this. However, those times were never ratified as records. Halflings in general in Delicious in Dungeon. Intellectually I'm twenty to twenty-five.

He even has grey hair in the colour illustrations. Hana-chan in the final season of Ojamajo Doremi after she aged herself magically from a baby to a tween. You know, this red-haired guy who's smoking all the time and is about two meters tall. Played for drama with the Astro City superhero Atomicus.

He even has grey hair in

Maki retaliates by pointing out that Akagi, Shohoku's captain, looks even older. Sometimes superhero costumes can make people look older than they are.