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Most of the hospitals undertaking cadaver transplants are either private or trust hospitals and there are very few government hospitals undertaking this program. That process took three years. Although campaigns are aimed at reaching out to the altruistic side of the common man, in reality such donations seldom benefit the poor as most transplants happen in private hospitals. Now it is almost three years since Suman came to Delhi to get the transplant done. His operation is due and he is under treatment at the hospital.

Nagral adds that India needs to ensure that enough hospitals conduct transplants. Ideally, every family should know it is a question that could be posed to them. In addition to this, we have a shortest waiting list for liver transplant. However most of them lacked motivated medical or social workers who could be trained to speak to the relatives in brain death situations. The last question is a fascinating one, and perhaps one of the most difficult for Sahi to answer.

The Apollo Group is one of the best known names among private hospitals in the country. Even as the government has done much to help people in need of organ transplants, it overlooks a massive gap in the transplant ecosystem in India. One of the major hurdles seems to be the unrelated transplant activity that continues unabated. In every case, the family is in a state of grief when Sahi approaches them. This is well within capacity, if taken seriously, he says.

The public attitude survey indicated a positive attitude of the people towards eye donation. The survival rates after the liver transplant operations have increased commendably over the past years. Of late, questions have been raised on whether the established organ-sharing protocols are skewed in favour of those with deep pockets. To accept brain death as also a definition of death.

The survival rates after theThe public attitude survey indicated a