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His ideal type of woman is also neat and clean. He mentions that he is happy for such a girlfriend and is happy with every moment he spends with her. He also said that his ideal celebrity in the Korean show business was Kim Tae-hee. It pained me to see my son asking me to stay over for the night.

He also mentioned that he does not like skinny girls. The actor has a lot of interested in women with these qualities, characteristics, as well as certain physical features. That was the first time he disapproved of something I did so I decided to give up the dream.

On the other hand he also told that the illusion of marriage is breaking. Paparazzi took pictures of the two having a dinner alone. They brought me up in the environment where I could feel relaxed and free. He played the role of a genius hacker.

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Choi Jin Hyuk also further goes on to say that he is attracted to women who have a lot of aegyo cuteness. Moreover, Minho was often seen to speak to Yuri when they co-starred in the music programs or concerts.

So he will sometime get married. Derailed, Canola, I Am, Pianist. If yes, then you might be familiar with the name Choi Minho. The actor gained a lot of attention from the media as well as fans, leading up to major role in popular films like The Heirs, Emergency Couple, Gu Family Book, and many more.

The actor had supported and been with his fans from the beginning to the end. Before the actor had enlisted into the military, around of his fans gathered for a fan meeting to wish the actor a safe and enjoyable trip. The two met on the set of the drama My Daughter the Flower. But with the project and shooting scenes together, we've gotten a lot closer. The actor is active and plans to appear in more dramas and films.