Actually doing it is another

Consolidating your super with qsuper superannuation

This typically involves providing them with your tax file number and old fund details. What to watch out for Superannuation funds have different rules and conditions when moving your money to another fund. We're committed to helping Australians bridge their super gap to enjoy a better retirement. The following is a short guide for how to go about combining your super all into one fund.

It is important to find out if you can get the same level of insurance cover in your chosen super fund. This is a process that can involve a bit of paperwork as you need to inform each fund in writing about your plans to consolidate.

Actually doing it is another

Before they are fully aware it, their budding retirement funds can vanish in a haze of management costs. The key is to weigh up the benefits of holding onto another fund versus the advantages of having all your super in one place. The process is straightforward and it can provide valuable benefits.

Although past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The initial step is deciding that super fund you need to be your one-and-only fund.

We also recommend you seek advice

Transfer requests should generally be completed by your old fund within three working days. Helpful hint Don't forget that you can take your super with you when you change your job and always keep your details up to date.

Give it a thorough look over and file it away somewhere safe. Otherwise your hard earned money continues to be using the super fund. Transferring your super Consolidating your super means transferring over multiple balances into a single super account. One way we're doing this is by making it easier for our customers to find and consolidate their super into one account.

Actually doing it is another. We also recommend you seek advice about your own particular circumstances from a licensed financial adviser. The actual process Previously, consolidating your super could be a complicated and time-consuming affair. Good reasons to consolidate your super Transferring multiple superannuation balances into a single account may offer some advantages.