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Vesna Stipcevic for this information. There is no doubt that it was created on the basis of earlier Glagolitic lectionaries. It is interesting that even today the Glagolitic liturgy is used in some Croatian churches.

Except for the very rich sacral literature, there are thousands of other documents proving that the Glagolitic alphabet was also used in the administration and in private communication. Precious stones, relics, and a part of the true Cross disappeared from the cover of the book during the French revolution. Thus we need stability and peace.

The photo on the right is a reconstruction of the Baska Tablet made by academician Branko Fucic. Furthermore, the space bar and backspace key are also smaller, to make room for four additional keys. The oldest Croatian church containing a glagolitic inscription denoting the year when it was built the year also being carved in glagolitic letters is the church of St. Glagolitic, Cyrillic, and Latin. Beniamin translated large portions from the Latin text of Vulgata into Russian e.

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Unfortunately, we do not know if the Bible is preserved. It defined the border between different rulers in Istria.

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