Luckytown Blues aka Lucky Town

Kirsten Dunst - Luckytown Blues

For one thing, it's so confusing to them because everyone in town is named Tony. After two decades in prison for murder, a man is released on parole and returns to his hometown seeking redemption. Nah he still rides a bicycle. Oh, maybe it isn't that stupid.

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He name should probably have been dunce for this role. In all fairness, I should mention that Louis Guzman is wonderful in this in a complex characterization of a low-rent hit man who is basically a decent guy, even through he really loves killing.

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Hoo, boy, Vegas is not exactly like their dreams. Jennifer Gereis, for instance, is seen with a red wig in a restroom shooting drugs into her inner thigh.

Most of the film was too dark, whenever they didn't know what to do next, they ran stock footage of Vegas neon, and their best effect was turning a spinning roulette wheel upside down. Gareis- Good closeup inhale followed by full exhale into her pimps face which is not too bad if you are into that kind of thing. Jimmy Caan Hey, it could happen. They have some public shoot-outs in hotel rooms and strip joints, the kind of Vegas action that keeps the old tourists from Boca coming back again and again.

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Jennifer Gereis is topless in a scene where she tries to seduce Jimmy Caan. Follow any character through this mess and their actions will seem just as bright. Kirsten Dunst is a fully dressed stripper Theresa Russell shows cleavage, maybe a brief look at some aureole there are various strippers topless in the background. Kirsten learns some valuable lessons and shit, especially when Old Tony and Big Tony kill each other in front of her. She chickens out, and sits down on stage.

Kirsten Dunst isMost of the filmFollow any character through this mess